OJ's Update (part 2)

So it turns out the our good friend OJ's Chillies has been posting photos of these peppers (he calls them chillies because he's in Europe--LOL), but he was posting to his facebook page and We haven't been on facebook much and missed them.

His facebook page of the photos is at

He must be doing something right because his peppers/chillies are growing FAST.

We are looking forward to seeing his peppers grow up -- literately and figuratively !

This years crop!

Hot Wild Pepper from Fiji Islands - Seeds available now

We haven't heard from OJ's Chillies in a while, so we decided to post some of the photos of this years crop from another customer.

These little guys really like to grow. We're looking forward to posting photos of the blossoms and the peppers as the grow up! (literally and figuratively)