FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name of your peppers?

We did a LOT of research and are relatively sure that the scientific name for the peppers (or chillies) that we have available on our site is Capsaicin Frutescens Viti Levu. This means that it is a Capsaicin Frutescens from Viti Levu Island -- which is the most inhabited island in the small island nation of The Fiji Islands.

What should I do with the seeds you send me?

Start with plastic pots and fill them with potting soil and sprinkle with water to settle soil. Do not use tap water or well-water on very young seedlings because the chlorine or minerals may damage the seedlings. Plant seeds, spacing 1/2" apart, and cover with no more than 1/8" of additional potting soil. Water again.

How long does it take for the seeds to germinate?

That depends on several environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. This year our seeds sprouted in about 2 weeks.

We lived on Vanua Levu every summer for 15 years, and fell in love with these peppers they call "roquette" meaning little rockets! I am thrilled you offer them. How do you suggest growing them in the Nevada high desert? Summers can exceed 110 degrees and we have winter frosts....the plants get very large and seemed wild/perrenial in Fiji.

My wife's family is from the Sigitoka area of Fiji and they brought these peppers to the USA. We have been cooking with them for many years are really enjoy these "little rockets" Growing these peppers is different in most regions of the world, for the high desert I suggest you plant them in containers (and bring them inside during the peak of the summer and during winter). Try to follow these directions: