Capsaicin Frutescens

Now is the time to get ready for spring germination

It is best to plant your seeds early in the year (Jan/Feb) and nurture the seedlings indoors or under glass. The plants can then be put outside once the threat of frosts subsides. Once the temperatures rise your plants will have a nice head start and will go on to produce a good harvest of Hot Wild Peppers summer long!

Germinating Our Seeds An easier way Plant your the pepper seeds straight into a compost and watch them grow!

An insect repellent can be made from hot peppers!

Capsaicin the ingredient that puts the "hot" in hot peppers has been shown to be an effective repellent to insects.

Note that this is REPEL and not KILL. l.

A study done in 2002 indicated that whiteflies and mites were repelled for almost 2 months.
These studies were conducted in a greenhouse so it is highly unlikely that the spray would last for that long in an outdoor situation.

Capsaicin is likely to help control insect infestations especially mites and whiteflies.

Because it is a repellent rather than a poison, don't expect it to wipe out the pests overnight, or eradicate them for long.

Homemade hot pepper sprays will not be as effective as commercial sprays, primarily because commercial producers put more time and effort into making sprays than homeowners. Most commercial sprays include additives that allow the spray to stay on the plants for a longer period of time those homemade sprays will.